Anthony C. Johnson, PhD

Anthony C. Johnson, PhD


Regular Research Health Specialist VA Health Care System

Oklahoma City, OK United States


Neuroscience Sub-Discipline
Behavioral Neuroscience
Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience
Disorders of the Nervous System
Neuropharmacology and Neurochemistry
Sensory Systems Neuroscience
Analysis of Behavior and Cognition in Non-human Animals
Data Analysis and Statistics
Electrophysiology (unit activity)
Imaging (microscopy)
Imaging (PET, fMRI, etc)
Molecular Approaches
Optical methods
Species: Vertebrate

Awards & Fellowships

Award NameAward Participant StatusEnd Date
Trainee Professional Development Awards RecipientsWinner12/31/2019
NSP FellowsFellow8/31/2017

Committee Participation

CommitteeTitleMember Status
Trainee Advisory CommitteeMemberCurrent
NSP Selection CommitteeMemberCurrent

Chapter Participation

ChapterTitleTerm StartTerm EndOfficer Status
Oklahoma ChapterPresident Elect5/31/20173/24/2020Past