Janet A Clark, PhD

Janet A Clark, PhD


Regular Training Director National Institute of Mental Health Division of Intramural Research

Bethesda, MD United States


As an accomplished Ph.D. Neuropharmacologist with 10 years of drug development experience in a major pharmaceutical company, I offer the following; • Experience in neuroendocrinology, psychiatry, and neurodegenerative disease areas • Drug discovery experience including target identification and validation, pharmacodynamic marker identification and validation, pharmacodynamic assay development and translational biomarker work • Experience with in vivo neuroscience efficacy models • Management experience includes leading a discovery team consisting of a senior scientist and 2-3 associates, working in and leading cross-functional teams of biologists, medicinal chemists, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics and clinical scientists on drug discovery projects directed at target identification, lead optimization and advancing lead molecules into the clinic • Extensive experience with assessing in-licensing opportunities and external collaborations, including participating in face-to-face meetings with potential in-licensing/collaborative partners in the therapeutic areas of Depression/Anxiety and Schizophrenia • Research skills and technical expertise include: recombinant DNA technology (restriction enzyme analysis, bacterial expression, plasmid purification, RNA / DNA isolation, PCR, primer design, Southern/Northern analysis, RACE, site-directed mutagenesis); cell culture; organotypic culture (hippocampal and corticostriatal); denaturing and non-denaturing PAGE; western blot; stable and transient transfections; immunohistochemistry; immunoprecipitations; ELISA; cell-based assays; radioenzymatic assays; immunofluorescence; real-time PCR; DNA arrays; receptor binding; agonism, antagonism, inverse agonism assay development; rodent brain microdissections; intravitreal injections and ophthalmic dissections; fluid biomarkers; and transcranial magnetic stimulation in rat
Neuroscience Sub-Discipline
Behavioral Neuroscience
Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience
Neuropharmacology and Neurochemistry

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