Give your department or program access to unique opportunities and benefits to support future generations of neuroscientists.

IP membership is available for formal programs at educational or research facilities offering expertise in a wide range of interdisciplinary scientific skillsets to propel the scientific enterprise toward discovery and further our understanding of the working of the nervous system. 

Please note this is not for individual membership.  

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Instructions on How Primary Contacts Log-In to Institutional Program (IP) Membership Accounts:

As the Primary Contact for an IP account, log-in with the individual account information to the affiliated IP membership account:

     1. The Primary Contact first goes to:

     2. Next, click the “sign-in” button on the top right corner of the screen which brings you to this page.

     3. Primary Contact logs in to the personal account using their username and password.

     4. Once in personal account navigate to "My Account", then to "My Organization" section to be able to access the IP account related information:

             - To update IP account information: Click on "Edit My Org" button.

             - To pay IP Membership Dues: Go to "My Organization" and scroll down to "Pay Invoices" to view and pay for outstanding IP membership invoices.
               Only pending invoices will be displayed here. To view past receipts, or if you cannot see your invoices, please contact