William E Grisham

William E Grisham, PhD


Regular Academic Coordinator UCLA Chapter

Los Angeles, California United States


Dr. Bill Grisham used to scrape a stone (chalk) on another stone (slate) to make a didactic point. Since emerging from the stone age, he has been a leader in finding innovative ways to teach using technology and has even received an award for doing so: UCLA’s Brian P. Copenhaver Award for Innovation in Teaching with Technology. (This is one of four teaching awards that he has received from UCLA since he started teaching neuroscience there in 1996). Dr. Grisham has been delighting in finding ways to level the educational playing field by giving digital teaching materials away for free. The website through which these materials are disseminated (http://mdcune.psych.ucla.edu/ ) has received 10,785 hits since its inception in August 2008 and has been viewed by educators in every state in the union (except Wyoming) and eighty seven foreign countries. He is very grateful to the National Science Foundation (NSF Grant DUE 0717306) and UCLA’s Office of Instructional Development for sharing his vision and providing the means for these dreams to become not only a “virtual” reality but also an actual reality that has edified the educational experiences of countless students.

Neuroscience Sub-Discipline
Behavioral Neuroscience
Bioinformatics / Neuroinformatics
Developmental Neuroscience
Evolutionary and Comparative Neuroscience
History, Teaching, Public Awareness, and Societal
Bioinformatics / Neuroinformatics
Histochemistry and Tracing

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