Chengyu Tony Li, PhD

Chengyu Tony Li, PhD


Principal Investigator Institute of Neuroscience, Chinese Academy of Sci.

Shanghai City, Shanghai City China


Name: Li, Chengyu

Birth day: 12/26/1976

Gender: Male




320 Yueyang Road, New Life Science Building, A830 

Shanghai, China, 200031


10/20/2009 ~ now: Principal Investigator, Laboratory of Functional Neural Circuitry, Institute of Neuroscience, Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai

09/26/2004 ~ 10/19/2009:  Postdoc fellow, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Department of Molecular & Cell Biology, Helen Wills Institute of Neuroscience, University of California, Berkeley, CA


1995-1999, B.S., Department of Physiology and Biophysics, Institute for Biological Sciences, Peking University

1999-2004, Ph.D., Institute of Neuroscience, Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai

2003, Summer Course for Methods in Computational Neuroscience, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA.

Liu, D., Gu, X.W., Zhu, J., Zhang, X.X., Han, Z., Yan, W.J., Cheng, Q., Hao, J., Fan, H.M., Hou, R.Q., Chen, Z.Q., Chen, Y.L., Li, C.Y.* (2014) Medial prefrontal activity during delay period contributes to learning of a working memory task. Science 346: 458-463.
Li, C.Y., Poo, M.M., and Dan, Y. (2009) Burst Spiking of a Single Cortical Neuron Modifies Global Brain State. Science, 324: 643-646.
Lu, J.T., Li, C.Y., Zhao,J.P., Zhang, X.H. and Poo, M.M. (2007) Target-cell type specific spike timing-dependent modifications of excitatory synapses on GABAergic interneurons in somatosensory cortex. J. Neuroscience, 27(36):9711-20. 
Li, C.Y.#, Lu, J.T. #, Wu, C.P., Duan, S.M., and Poo, M.M. (2004). Bi-directional modification of presynaptic neuronal excitability accompanying spike timing-dependent synaptic plasticity.  Neuron, 41, 257-268 
Neuroscience Sub-Discipline
Behavioral Neuroscience
Cognitive Neuroscience
Analysis of Behavior and Cognition in Humans
Analysis of Behavior and Cognition in Non-human Animals
Computation, Modeling, and Simulation
Data Analysis and Statistics
Electrophysiology (unit activity)
Histochemistry and Tracing
Imaging (microscopy)
Imaging (PET, fMRI, etc)
In vivo Monitoring
Optical methods
Species: Vertebrate

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