Darcy B Kelley

Darcy B Kelley, PhD


Regular Professor Columbia University

New York, NY US


Neuroscience Sub-Discipline
Behavioral Neuroscience
Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience
Developmental Neuroscience
Evolutionary and Comparative Neuroscience
Motor Systems Neuroscience
Sensory Systems Neuroscience
Analysis of Behavior and Cognition in Non-human Animals
Bioinformatics / Neuroinformatics
Electrophysiology (unit activity)
Genomics, Proteomics, and Systems Biology
Histochemistry and Tracing
Imaging (microscopy)
In vivo Monitoring
Molecular Approaches
Optical methods
Species: Vertebrate

SfN Service History

CommitteeTitleMember Status
Strategic Investments Acquisition Working GroupMemberPast
SEA selection committeeChairpersonPast
Public Information CommitteeMemberPast
Program CommitteeMemberPast
Investment CommitteeMemberPast
Investment CommitteeMemberCurrent
eNeuro Editorial BoardReviewing EditorPast
Education CommitteeChairpersonPast
Donald B. Lindsley Prize Selection CommitteeChairpersonPast
Donald B. Lindsley Prize Selection CommitteeChairpersonPast
Committee on CommitteesMemberPast