Heiman Chow

Heiman Chow, PhD


Regular Assistant Professor The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong, Please Select Hong Kong

Hei-Man Chow


Neuroscience Sub-Discipline
Behavioral Neuroscience
Bioinformatics / Neuroinformatics
Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience
Cognitive Neuroscience
Computational Neuroscience and Modeling
Developmental Neuroscience
Disorders of the Nervous System
Excitable Membranes and Ion Channels
Motor Systems Neuroscience
Neural / Synaptic Structure and Function
Neuroengineering and Robotics
Neuropharmacology and Neurochemistry
Neuroregeneration and Repair
Neuroscience of Aging
Analysis of Behavior and Cognition in Non-human Animals
Bioinformatics / Neuroinformatics
Cell and Tissue Transplantation
Cell Culture
Computation, Modeling, and Simulation
Data Analysis and Statistics
Electrophysiology (channels)
Electrophysiology (unit activity)
Genetic Models and Techniques
Genomics, Proteomics, and Systems Biology
Histochemistry and Tracing
Imaging (microscopy)
Imaging (PET, fMRI, etc)
In vivo Monitoring
Molecular Approaches
Optical methods
Species: Vertebrate
Therapeutic Techniques
Research Areas
Neurodegenerative Disorders and Injury

Committee Participation

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Trainee Professional Development Awards Selection CommitteeMemberPast
Trainee Advisory CommitteeMemberPast
Global Membership CommitteeMemberCurrent
Annual Meeting Virtual Planning Working GroupMemberCurrent