Belmont University, Department of Psychological Science and Neuroscience

Nashville, TN
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Unique Program Features

Students are uniquely required to participate in multiple independent research projects, either in upper level laboratory courses or through novel studies of their own. In these projects, students work on building protocols from the ground up, run their own studies, analyze data and present. Students may also get to present their work at a regional, national or international conference, at no extra cost (we cover it!).

Students are required to take a neuroscience course in their freshman year, which allows them to gain foundational knowledge of the field early on in their educational training.

Other unique classes (mostly upper-level) include: Neuropsychology of emotions, Neuroimaging, Developmental Neuroscience, Neuroscience of movement, Neuroplasticity and Nutritional Neuroscience.

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Carole Susan Scherling, MS, PhD

Carole Susan Scherling, MS, PhD

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