Tulane University Graduate Neuroscience Program

Program Description
The graduate program in Neuroscience consists of the 1-year master's program, the 4 + 1 master's program, and the Ph.D. program. The major goal of the Neuroscience Program is to provide graduate students with broad education in both the theoretical and practical aspects of research in neuroscience.
Student and Faculty
Number of Faculty: 43 Number of Students: 53
Ethnicity Hispanic Percent: 2.00% Non-Hispanic Percent: 100.00%
Race Asian: 8.00% American Indian or Alaskan Native: 0.00% Black or African American: 6.00% White: 84.00% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander:: 0.00%
Unique Program Features
Program Characteristics
Year Established: 2000 Type of Campus:
Contact Info

1(504)862-3305 brain@tulane.edu

Program Director

Sherrie Calogero
sherrie@tulane.edu (540) 862-3305

Research Areas