Stanford University Neuroscience Phd Program

Program Description
We are a diverse community of neuroscientists with interests in such issues as development of the nervous system, assembly of synapses, neurodegeneration, pain perception, neuroplasticity, sleep, epilepsy, cognitive processing, machine-brain interfaces, and many others.
Student and Faculty
Number of Faculty: 112 Number of Students: 100
Ethnicity Hispanic Percent: 0.00% Non-Hispanic Percent: 0.00%
Race Asian: 0.00% American Indian or Alaskan Native: 0.00% Black or African American: 0.00% White: 0.00% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander:: 0.00%
Unique Program Features
Program Characteristics
Year Established: 1962 Type of Campus: Main Campus
Contact Info

Program Director

Kalai Diamond +1 (650) 721-1173

Research Areas