University of California, Los Angeles Interdepartmental Ph.D. Program In Neuroscience

Los Angeles, CA
Program Description
The goal of the UCLA Interdepartmental Ph.D. Program for Neuroscience is to educate students for careers in neuroscience research and teaching. Neuroscience research at UCLA covers broad areas in the field, including molecular, cellular, systems and clinical investigations.
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Student and Faculty
Number of Faculty: 153 Number of Students: 80
Ethnicity Hispanic Percent: 0.00% Non-Hispanic Percent: 0.00%
Race Asian: 0.00% American Indian or Alaskan Native: 0.00% Black or African American: 0.00% White: 0.00% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander:: 0.00%
Unique Program Features
Program Characteristics
Year Established: 1975 Type of Campus: Main Campus
Contact Info

1 310 206 4407

Program Director
Felix E Schweizer, PhD (310) 794-5733

Aftin Whitten 1(310)825-8153

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